Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Someone died...Its not suppose to happen!

I have been silent for a while watching the discord in my paradise Thailand, and had hoped for a Paradise Regained.

But now someone got killed in street fights between the pro-government and anti-government groups. This is Thailand, a land of Peace and Love...this is not suppose to happen!!!

Reality bites hard as we watch the new politics in Thailand. Instead of the military coup in the past, its now people's action.

Its kind of a strange scenario. Politicians instigating people to fight each other on a mass scale with the police and army apparently acting like referees.

Once again, I say this can only happen in Thailand.

Meantime a group of friends is leaving for a deep water dive off Samui. They are totally unconcerned.

"We'll definitely go to Bangkok" after the dive to do our usual. Not worried at all" they say.

"There are only 10-20 thousand people on the streets and 10 million population in Bangkok, 60 million in the whole of Thailand...we are pretty sure we can give them a miss" a friend added,

Besides said another, "Most of the street fighters are from up-country, they were probably promise a few hundred baht to come to Bangkok for a holiday. They will leave when commanded. It's merely a stage show gone a little out of wack"

Lets hope these optimists are right in their assessment. Even more that Paradise will soon be Regained.

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