Monday, December 24, 2007

Thailand..the Joker

If as they say all the world is a stage...thenThailand must be the Joker. News reports especially in Asia is reporting the news that a party that backs former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra won a parliamentary election on Sunday, defeating a party backed by the generals who ousted him in a coup 15 months ago.

Looks like the whole nation has gone on a 15 month excursion and now is back...though not exactly where they started... nor is anyone sure where they are!

Meantime Mr Thaksin has become a famed British football tycoon and has been behind the recent success of Manchester City. Is this all tactical to maintain and boost his image through football politics? If one watch English football these see some banners promoting Thailand, and often sees referees wearing on their sleeves AirAsia Badges. Air Asia is a Thai-Malaysia company where Mr Thaksin wields considerable power. Mr Thaksin has probably helped to obtain such sponsorships to demonstrate that he still has considerable support from businesses in Thailand.

Whatever the case it is definitely unconventional politics, comical and can only happen in my beautiful Thailand.

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