Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bangkok we come.

The multinationals and big companies appear to be inholding patterns about investing more in Bangkok these days. Temasek, the Singapore company has to somehow disinvest to appease not just the government but the Thai Intelligentsia. It is gone beyond what's right or wrong...there is just too much stirred up in that influential community about loss of face, national security, improprierary relationships with the former regime, private agendas of Thaksin.

Meantime another reversal is taking place...
"Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont on Wednesday told joyous iTV workers to stay on the job and to keep the station broadcasting. Gen Surayud gave the order after the Council of State ruled that the government takeover of iTV was legal, and ordered the transfer of its assets to the Public Relations Department." - Bangkok Post

But as far as the backpacker tourist is concerned, Bangkok is still Bangkok...full of friendliness and hospitality. The news from some friends in the travel business in that costs of hotels that cater to the up-market tourist , have gone down somewhat. Maybe the backpackers can take the opportunity to venture outside the Khaosan area.

A friends that married to a Thai Lady is putting together this exciting backpacking package to Bangkok and it surronding areas. He is secretive about the itinerary...but promises, "I'll show you things you've never seen" he says confidently.

I truly doubt it, having wormed myself around Bangkok and most of the neighbouring towns and villages the last 16 years of my life. But still I hope to find something new.

So despite politics or terrorist threats....Bangkok Here We Come.


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