Monday, January 29, 2007

What a Coincidence

Someone reading my posts on "Nothing is right" and "A State of Bliss".... written before the Thailand COUP, commented that he saw in it something prophetic. He asked if I had a sense of what's happening?

Certainly not, mere coincidence .... but everyone, Thais and visitors probably did feel that things were overheating. But then in a state of bliss we say, "it's always seems to be over-boiling in Bangkok" what?

The theory of constraints once again proved itself... with a powerful backlash... not quite a Tsunami but enough to be disconcerting.

A number of expatriate friends working in the region but living in Thailand are thinking about leaving. I hear foreign investments have stopped, which probably meets the goals of the current policy makers. Investments leaving could be more troubling.... it may mean the loss of jobs and livelihoods at a time where adjustments may be difficult.

I was just reading a book about Globalization... and the New Global Political Economy. The author was kind of negative about the whole thing... he probably thought the world shouldn't have started on this path...BUT RECOGNISED that the momentum is now unstoppable... and every global citizen, without choice has to recognize this new reality and learn to swim in its often times murky water.

I am not sure if the Thai policy makers are trying to insulate the country from Globalization... there seems to be a whole lot of talk about this. I really don't think they are. They I think, only wanted to give the nation a breather, consolidate before moving on. Looks like in this Global Economy you can't take breathers at your own time...stop and you may be swept away.... or as they say MARGINALIZED.

The person that developed the use of that word usage was really creative. Being pushed into a margin is probably bad enough... but in many parts of Asia that's developing or emerging...that margin is even fast shrinking. How do you described being in a caught in a shrinking margin? Do send you comments and suggestions.

And coup or no coup.... increasing marginalization will happen for the majority of global citizens. The wealth gap will definitely be accentuated. Pareto's 80-20 will be blown away....90-10... 95-5 ????

The good thing is, the world is at your feet ... and your choice are limitless.

The Chinese ladies that I see increasingly coming on their free will to to work as street girls are probably one outcome of this limitless choice. Of course there are more positive examples than this. The 10% will certainly flow around with their capital, skills and resources... and so the bottom 10%. (The author said the terrorists are classed amongst these)

Would this ultimately create that large "prarie fire".... a global uprising of the world's "proletariat" recalling that old Marxist dream.

Probably not, at least not from Thailand. Thankfully the normal Thai on street, probably feel the way I do.... what the heck?... Nothing is ever right anyway... just stay in a state of bliss.


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