Saturday, August 26, 2006

A State of Bliss

I often wonder what things were like before Adam ate that forbidden apple. It probably was a state of blissful happiness.... where actions does not create consequences. How else can there is eternal bliss?

The flapping of a butterfly's wings in Tokyo, it was postulated by Lorenz can cause a tornado in Texas. Every action, no matter how well intentioned can create a positive and a counterbalancing negative feedback. An act of kindness that creates instant warmth and glow may in the longer result in the receiver becoming dependent and lazy, or cause someone else to become envious and unhappy!

Such is the chaos since our " fall from grace". Chaos because no one can truly predict the effects of his or her actions...would it harm someone, or himself in the future, eventually?

So happiness belongs to people that have a blind side... they do not see these effects or do not want to see them.....don't care. It also belongs to those who can reconcile themselves with their own actions and behaviour. Religion is certainly helpful with this. Religion also helps us accept that this life of chaos and contradictions is temporal and we soon will regain paradise.

Paradise where there are no consequences.... I wonder wherein then lies the source of happiness? Will happiness still be an emotion or some more stable state? Will there be smiles?

Who is an infinite uncertainty which causes men no matter how holy to fear death.


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