Monday, September 11, 2006

Nothing is alright

Nothing is alright
because the world's a system
and systems are subject to chaos they say
just as one part of our lives seems to be
getting better, more stable,
something else somewhere is crumbling and
may impact us later like a flutter of a butterfly wing.
It may be crumbling uncontrollably to us
or worse because of our improving situation
Just the other night, the family celebrated my wife's birthday
It was a warm, happy occasion that made me feel
things are OK, What a happy family had!
On return home, there was a message on the phone
that my mum was ill,
and needed to be admitted to the hospital the next day.
Such is the nature of chaos.
Its not a Sep 11 or the Asian Tsunami everyday
but it keeps coming like waves rolling up the shore.
How does one manage in this chaotic world?
I really don't know. for
The more you think you know, the more you don't
Those who think they don't know probably don't.
Running around trying to learn does not help either
only adds to life's chaos
There are some imageries that offers me some light.
A Shaolin monk perched precariously
on one foot on a bamboo pole,
full of potential power,
silent, fully aware of himself and the environment,
ready to strike, and
when he does, he does so effectively
in quick simple strokes
or the blind swordsman who despite his lack of vision
can detect all movements around him.
He is entirely centered, totally aware
about his self and his relationship with his surroundings.
But are these imageries mainly the creations
of tinsel towns, or are they real?
My martial arts compatriot certainly thinks they are real
He has a website
I hope he finds that inner peace, stillness, power and awareness.
A master can teach you all the strokes
Getting it to flow right and in full power, they say
requires "neigong" inner work in direct translation.
This is not about altering our hearts and lungs
boosting them with robotic power, becoming Bionic
Its about gaining that inner peace and stillness of mind and body.
That we need to do on or own through "kulian"
A Chinese phrase meaning painful study and practice.
I, unfortunately though Chinese
came from the western tradition where
Learning is suppose to be fun,
a joyous adventure and discovery.
So I, like most see glimpses of light
but little knowledge that we can apply.
You are I hope not quite as mixed up as me
I go now to stand on my head.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Confused Week

Week of 28/9 was a confusing week. It was mixed signals all week through...may-bes, clarifications and yet more clarifications, pending, silence, etc etc. By Thursday, I was truly swamped with doubts, questions and negative thinking(See picture)

Then on Friday I received the mail saying....
"I have been talking to a lot of people about charity cruise and am very excited! .... I am thinking doing every 1st Sunday of the month starting October. What is your opinion?"

What a refreshment that positive, so cheery. It uplifted my dulling spirit entirely!

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